Progenta Acid Labile Surfactant Assortment, High CMC

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Progenta Acid Labile Surfactant Assortment, High CMC
Progenta Anionic Acid Labile Surfactant [AALS] I (ALS-100-1),
Zwitterionic Acid Labile Surfactant [ZALS] II (ALS-210-1),
Cationic Acid Labile Surfactant [CALS] II (ALS-310-1),
Non-ionic Acid Labile Surfactant [NALS] II (ALS-410-1)
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Research Applications

Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants (ALS) feature various novel, acid cleavable chemistries that are sample sensitive and fully compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. These surfactants have been engineered to provide a safe, effective alternative to other detergents used in proteomics, such as SDS or CHAPS, which negatively impact analysis by mass spectrometry. While SDS and other detergents can improve protein solubility, they can be very difficult to remove during sample prep and purification of the protein sample. These bound detergents can cause significant impairment of protein analysis by mass spectrometry, as they can suppress analyte ion signal, promote analyte adduct formation, and present as contaminants during analysis.

Mass spec grade Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants alleviate problems commonly associated with SDS and other detergents in proteomics studies. At neutral pH, Progenta Surfactants function as gentle, yet powerful chemicals for use in sample preparation, protein solubilization, and cell lysis protocols. After completing experimental work, the solution is adjusted to a pH of 2.5 – 3.0 with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) and incubated for 10 - 30 minutes to fully cleave the ALS into small organic molecules that do not exhibit surfactant activity or interfere with analysis by mass spectrometry upon removal. Other commercially available acid labile surfactants require incubation in harsh acidic environments of pH 1.0 to 2.0 for up to several hours and may produce an oily pellet or film from the cleavage by-products. Progenta ALS have been specially engineered to provide powerful surfactant performance with the added benefit of quick, simple acid-based cleavage and removal for reproducible results in mass spectrometry-based proteomics studies.

Protea’s Progenta Acid Labile Surfactant Assortment, High CMC kit includes all four high-CMC surfactant formulations: anionic, zwitterionic, cationic, and non-ionic (AALS I, ZALS II, CALS II, and NALS II). This diverse assortment is ideal for upgrading your proteomic workflows while replacing a wide variety of harmful chemicals.

  • Rapidly cleaved in just 10-30 minutes at pH 2.0 - 3.0 (e.g. 1% TFA)
  • AALS, ZALS, CALS, and NALS cleavage products are fully soluble and do not interfere with mass spectrometry analysis
  • Compatible with both MALDI and ESI mass spectrometry
  • Promotes protein solubility and improves enzymatic digestion
  • Certified Mass Spec Grade






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